martes, 30 de noviembre de 2010

Performances of Cuban Ballet Lizt Alfonso

After a successful tour in the USA, the Cuban Ballet of Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba prepares new tours inside and outside the country, and a special show to celebrate in 2011 the 20 th anniversary of the company.

After his return, Alfonso told that the tour was short but fruitful and opened the doors in the United States where the company is very popular.

The cast, composed of women only, plus the musical group, presented the spectacle Fuerza y Compas (Force and Compass) in five U.S. cities during his sixth visit to that country, who had last visited seven years ago.

Dance Cuba performed in Cleveland, Chicago, New Bedford, Durango and Scottsdale, where it was praised by media.

In his choreography, the young group (average age 21 years) combines various styles and traditions mixed in Cuba for centuries, from Spanish flamenco to Afro-Cuban rhythms, accompanied by the usual joy of the island.

Alfonso drew special attention to stay in Chicago where they gave two performances at the Auditorium Theater and also taught master classes for children and adolescents, who were very enthusiastic and even expressed great interest in studying dance in Cuba.

Alfonso also said that by 2011 the company has a very intensive program, which includes presentations in five countries: Canada, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt and Germany, and Cuba.

In December 2010, the Ballet Lizt Alfonso will perform in Pinar del Rio and will give a special show for disabled children.

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