miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

James Carter Happy in Havana

Former US President James Carter, visited the Archbishopric of Havana and the Council of the Jewish Community of Cuba (CHC) on Monday, as part of his activities during his stay on the island at the invitation of the Cuban government.

The 87 year-old Democrat politician arrived in this city on Monday for a three-day visit, during which he spoke with President Raul Castro and other Cuban authorities.

After being received by CHC President Adela Dworin and other executives of the institution, the visitor toured the Youth Center and other areas of the Jewish Council.

The characteristics of the CHC, the amount of members, and aspects of the practice of their religion, were the focus of her conversation with Carter, according to Dworin.

At the Archbishopric of Havana, in the capital’s historic area, Carter was received by Cardinal Jaime Ortega, Archbishop of Havana.

This is the second time that the founder of the Carter Center travels to the Caribbean island. The first visit took place in May, 2002, which turned him into the first former US President to visit Cuba since the triumph of the Revolution in 1959.

Cuba’s President Raul Castro received James Carter, as part of this private visit.

Carter will return to his country today, Wednesday.

lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

50th and 49th Anniversaries of Cuban Youth Organizations

A great children party will be celebrated at the Cuba Pavilion ‘cause of the 50th anniversary of the José Martí Pioneer Organization and the 49th anniversary of the Young Communist League of Cuba.

The Cuba Pavilion will open to the public from April 1 to 3 and from 9 to10 with a wide variety of activities to celebrate the birthdays of the two important youth organizations.

The celebrations were announced during a press conference in Havana. It was said that among the activities to be held are art exhibitions, animated film screenings, play areas, workshops, concerts, and book readings; and several sales of books, arts and crafts, music...

Cuba's José Martí Pioneer Organization was

established in 1961 for primary and secondary students, up until ninth grade. The initiation takes place with a traditional act of giving a neckerchief, blue or red depending on the student's level; from that moment it forms a part of the scholastic uniform. In high school the neckerchief is replaced by a badge consisting of the bars with colors of the national flag and to the right, Che's signature.

In 2001 the Cuban Pioneers Association was elected to the Global 500 Roll of Honor of the United Nations Environment Programmed for its environmental activities.

Special guest artists on the first day of celebrations are Juan Padrón, Cecilio Avilés and Lidis Lamorú. On April 2 the guests are: Jorge Oliver and Rosa Campo, with music by the Vanvancitos, from the Guillermo Tomás Conservatory.

The closing gala on April 10 will feature a special presentation by La Colmentia, the famous children theater company.

sábado, 26 de marzo de 2011

Cuban Movie Premiered at Film Appreciation Festival

The Cinemazul 2011 Film Appreciation Festival opened Thursday in the eastern province of Las Tunas with the premiere of the latest Cuban film “Ticket to Paradise” (Boleto al Paraíso). This Festival includes screenings and debates in schools and cultural centers. It also includes a workshop for children aimed at fostering an aesthetical education since early ages.

“Ticket to Paradise” by Gerardo Chijona is based on the book Confessions of a doctor and tells the story of four youngsters during the 1990s who travel across Cuba to get away from their family problems.

It began to be screened in Havana’s movies theaters.

Cinemazul 2011 is dedicated to the 52 anniversary of the Cuban Film Industry Institute marked today, hence competitive discussions will focus on films by Cuban directors like Tomas Gutierrez Alea, Humberto Solas and Fernando Perez.

Similar events are taking place in other provinces of the countries to select contestants who will take part in the national Festival scheduled for May. The event grants the Ola Prize, which is the biggest national award to members of movie appreciation clubs.

The Festival also gives prizes in the categories of critic and research about the development of the seventh art in terms of both creation and cultural promotion.

Specialists and creators who have participated in the Cinemazul Festival have said this is the only event of its type in the world as its activities are focused on the audience and the artistic and social impact of films.