jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

Peace, Education and Communitarian Culture Exhibition

The Hispano-American Culture Center opened today an exhibit on Peace, Education and Communitarian Culture in the frameworkt of the Second Colloquium and the 11th Workshop on Environment and Natural Heritage that will run through November 19.

The exhibition displays the drawings of children from communitarian projects in schools and museums. The event is a call for the preservation and care of the environment.

Havana’s Director of the Center of Cultural Heritage Cecilia Valdes Piñon welcomed the participants to the event, which brings to light the work that the institutions have made for two years in favour of the preservation of the environment.

11 year-old primary student Liuba Chacon Alba told that she felt motivated to participate at the exhibit by the natural richness of Cuba and because the need to care about trees.

She also said that now that the planet is under the threat of a nuclear war, it is necessary to fight for the development of the country and the Revolution.

Specialist of the Center of Cultural Heritage of Havana City, Juan Paez, talked about the importance of this event on communitarian work for the benefit of local riches.

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