sábado, 20 de noviembre de 2010

Debuts in Film Festival of Latin American Cinema

The 32nd International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, to run from December 2-12 in Havana, includes the premier of one documentary film, two cartoons and four feature-lengths within the contending categories.

Actress Marilyn Solaya, known for her role as Vivian in "Fresa y Chocolate" (1994), is the main character in the documentary En el cuerpo equivocado (In the Wrong Body). Solaya won the 2009 award for the promotion of TV Documentary Production and Broadcast DOCTV IB Latin America.

Producer Juan Padron, veteran of Cuban cartoons, competes with "Nikita Chama Boom", a story on the 1962 missile crisis, while Ernesto Piña runs for a Coral with Pubertad (Puberty), with a script by Mariela Castro Espín on the evolution from childhood to adolescence.

The Festival's four contending feature-length films include "La casa vieja" (The Old House) of Lester Hamlet, co-producer of "Tres veces dos" (3 x 2) with Esteban Insausti and Pavel Giroud.

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