jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

Latest Cultural Publications in Havana

El Conjunto Casino by José Reyes Fortún (Havana, 1946)

The book deals with the history and bibliography of the 60 year-old Casino band, an orchestra that set a milestone in Cuban music. The band set up in 1940 included famous Cuban singers and players, such as Roberto Espí, Roberto Faz, Orlando Vallejo and Fernando Álvarez, percussionist Carlos Patato Valdés and El Niño Rivera. Instituto de la Música Publishing House, 2010.

El Arte de Benny Moré: Ofrenda criolla II by José Reyes Fortún (Havana, 1946)

The volume basically deals with why renowned Cuban singer and music legend Benny Moré was called “The Wildman of Rhythm”. Instituto de la Música Publishing House, 2010.

Persona by Nancy Morejón (Havana, 1944)

Persona is a poetry book by the 2001 National Literature Prize winner and 2007 Rafael Alberti Prize laureate. With a selection and prologue by Cuban playwright Gerardo Fullera León, the volume includes more than 20 poems, including Richard trajo su flauta (Richard brought his flute), Mujer negra (Black Woman), Elogio de la Danza (Eulogy to Dance), Paisaje célebre (Renowned Landscape) and Vilma en Junio (Vilma in June), poems which are a reference in the author’s lyrical production. Colección Sur and Ediciones Unión Publishing House, 2010.

Marcas de Agua by Ercilio Vento Canosa (Matanzas, 1947)

The book brings magic and mystery to readers. It comprises stories taken from spoken tradition in the eastern Cuban city of Matanzas. With the inclusion of legends and stories of the so called “City of Bridges” or “the Athens of Cuba”, such as the takeover of Matanzas by the British Navy, The Phantom of the Cave or the Galician who wanted to fly, the volume recovers the memory of Matanzas and the Cuban nation. Editorial Matanzas Publishing House, 2010.

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