martes, 28 de junio de 2011

Rutas y Andares returns for the Cuban family

An initiative by the Cuban City Historian Office, called Rutas y Andares (routes and promenades), which promotes the patrimony of Havana, will be re-opened for the Cuban family as of the summer, from July 5 to August 31.

This program of activities, which dates back to the year 2000, will award the most active families with tickets for cultural shows like the staging of the piece “Cats” in Cuba, the performance of the Litz Alfonso Ballet Company, and a theatre play by the children’s theatre group La Colmenita (the little beehive).

The winning families will also have the opportunity to become members of the Centro Hispanoamericano de Cultura with full access to its services, and a meeting with City Historian Eusebio Leal Spengler.

Among the main Rutas for this year is craftsmanship in precious metals, minerals, arms collections, or the Havana Factory, which are dedicated to children and youths.

Besides, there is the “A buen entendedor” (A word to the wise) Ruta, which recreates traditional
and contemporary elements in the popular culture. The organizers explained that Andares offers a tour through farthest places from Old Havana and deals with the origins of African culture, Cuban currency, as well as the origins of curator’s arts in Havana.

The municipality of Cojimar, which inspired U.S. writer Ernest Hemingway and his novel The Old Man and the Sea, will be included in the Andares tour through the summer.

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