martes, 14 de junio de 2011

Danny Glover in Havana

Actor Danny Glover is on a visit in Havana, where he attends an international workshop during the seminar Cuba and the People of African Descent in America.

Danny Glover, a Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), found the development of Cuban art education and attention that is given to the children in ourcountry.

The actor of "The Color Purple" is participating in the seminar held in Havana from 13 to 17 June.

The American actor said that it’s time to find a new hope for people of African descent worldwide.

"It's time to find a new hope for our children and our grandchildren and their children and grandchildren of our grandchildren," said the 63 years old actor. U.S. actor Danny Glover, who is attending the event, said it is a tragedy that racism still exists in the second decade of the current century.

"We continue fighting this terrible problem and for that reason, this seminar should go beyond its borders and spread all over the world, where there are other injustices," stated Glover, who called for going beyond the racial struggle and uniting efforts to save the human species.

"We must address the lives of those thousands and thousands of millions, we also represent," said the actor, who found it necessary to delve into the problems and confronting people of African descent.

Glover said that while UNESCO dedicated in 2011 to African descent "after six months that have elapsed, this is the first event attended and dealing with this issue so seriously."

He also visited the headquarters of the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba, where he witnessed children's dance class and danced to African rhythms like rumba and guaguanco.

"This is an issue that unites us," he told local media. Cuba is experiencing a vigorous debate on the persistence and new manifestations of racism on the island, despite laws and policies aimed at their disposal since 1959.

Fernando Martinez, director of the Juan Marinello Center for Research and Development of Cuban Culture, which is hosting the seminar, said in opening remarks that the capitalist system emerged on the basis of slavery, generating discrimination and all forms of marginalization.

He added that the struggle for the consolidation of socialism in Cuba must be linked to the elimination of racism. Participants are attending the event, which began Monday and ends Friday, from the United States, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Uruguay and the UN.

The program includes a tribute to Cuban independence fighter Antonio Maceo on the 166th anniversary of his birth.

Since the European colonization and development of capitalism in the formation of the current people of the Americas, also took part big contingents of people from different parts of the world. In the case of Africa, greed led to one of the greatest crimes of the human history, the forced movement of millions of people and their slavery in the Americas.

The descendant of those Africans share the identity of the people and nations after a long and complex historic process, they help creating with their work, the culture they had, their sacrifices and lives. They are also recognized and identified about the characteristics they have from their original predecessors.

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