jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

Alicia Feels Satisfied with Recent U.S. Tour

Alicia Alonso, director of the Cuban National Ballet (BNC), said to be very satisfied with the company’s recent tour of the United States were they received standing ovations by the public in all their performances.

She said: "We lived very moving moments, particularly when we heard shoutings of Long Live Cuba."

The Cuban prima ballerina assoluta showed to the media to be visibly proud of being the director of the company ranked among the best ones of the world.
The tour, which started from May 31 to June 26, included performances in Washington, New York and Los Angeles for a total of 22 with the theaters packed. The company also led five general rehearsals that were open to the public.

Pedro Simon, director of the National Museum of Dance, said the lead dancers –some renowned and others new–, received very good reviews highlighting their mastership of the classic language and their technical virtuosity. “We were received with astonishment and admiration,” he said.Mr. Simon said the company’s soloists, lead dancers and corps de ballet were also praised because of their artistic awareness.

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