miércoles, 8 de junio de 2011

Percuba Ensemble

The Fine Arts Museum in Havana puts into public consideration the presentation of Percuba Ensemble in a concert to be held next Sunday, June 12th, at five o'clock.

Percuba Ensemble is a musical project that was proposed as melodic rhythmic percussion base so it's an eight young percussionists group: students and graduates from the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA), which has set up a show keeping the objective of spreading the music of the world in national concepts.

A vibraphone, marimba, congas, three African roots drums batás , a drum, a drum set lower, rattles, sticks and instruments of the Brazilian sound are the atypical set. This format suggests the harmonic base of popular Cuban orchestra without piano or bass.

Percuba Ensemble is in the catalog of the National Center of Concert Music, and has been doing a work of contemporary Cuban percussion at different stages of the Island, Mexico, Curacao and France.

For this next Sunday concert Percuba Ensemble, which is presented systematically in different types of spaces, given the variability and mobility of his shows, will be offering a varied and innovative repertoire, which goes from work of JS Bach, Leo Brouwer, through those of Pablo Milanés, Fito Paez and Pello el Afrokan. It will include new works of the group too.

The ensemble has performed successfully in cities of Mexico and Curacao Jazz Festival in 2007, as interpreters and also doing workshops at music schools in these countries.

Percuba Ensemble emerged in 2007, after the union of members from several projects of equal cut in the Instituto Superior de Arte, and has as its primary objective operating the establishment of links between the instruments of popular music and concert music , without thereby losing the style of the different rhythms while preserving the most authentic Cuban music.

Its members, Magdelys Savigne, Katherine Travieso, Eilyn Marquetti, Manuel A. Vivar, Lennon Ruiz and Alberto Batista, led by Aristalia D. Favier, also head of the Department of Percussion Chair of ISA, impress the public at each stage.

This will be a concert worthy of appreciation and love of music-loving public in the largest of Antilles.

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