lunes, 6 de junio de 2011

Excellent reception to the film"The Black Venus"

The Black Venus, a French film starring Cuban Yahima Torres in her acting debut, and directed by Adbellatif Kechiche, is now in Havana movie theaters. I’s one of 23 films that will be screened through June 30 for the 14th French Film Festival in our land.

The Black Venus has won Lumiere prize for Torres as best actress for playing South African woman Saartje Baartman, the victim of racism in early 19th century France. It also has praise from international critics.

Yahima Torres confessed the role changed her life not only as an actress but also as a human being. She talked to the press when the film opened in Havana last Saturday.

The 30 years old actress also said that she was very proud to play Baartman, a Bushman tribe member with hypertrophied genitals who amazed European scientists, artists and bourgeois society people, who abused her like an animal.

She added that "it’s important for everyone to know about this type of story, which still happens in these times full of differences and racism among the people”.

For the role, which also won her a nomination for the Cesar awards, Torres took classes in acting and Afrikaans, cut her hair, and gained weight.

She said she plans to continue acting and has several proposals awaiting her in France, including in the theater.

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