miércoles, 27 de abril de 2011

Singer Argelia Fragoso Again with Us

The interest in Cuban music has grown in recent years on the international scene, Cuban singer Argelia Fragoso, who has been living for years in Spain, told us.

It is a tangible reality, not only because of the presence of Cuban musicians abroad, but also in the interest of artists from other regions in learning about our music, Fragoso said.

"We have had great musicians who have taken to these audiences the endless wealth of our cultural heritage," she said.

According to Fragoso, when referring to international music, we must include Latin American, North American and Cuban music, which in some ways is a fusion of all.

Although she lived a long time in Spain, especially in Tenerife at the Canary Islands, Fragoso also spent time in countries such as Mexico and Germany.

Last Friday and Saturday, Fragoso gave a concert at the Theatre of the National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana. Her last two albums, Entre Nosotros (Between us) and Canta lo Sentimental (Sings the sentimental), were featured in her concert, where she shared the stage with actress Daisy Granados.

That was a night full of emotion, feeling and warmth. Argelia shined like the star she always has been.

The time passed without the audience noticing. There is so much art and so much talent in this beautiful woman!

Her last concert in Cuba was in November 2010, when she appeared at the Museum of Decorative Arts.

The Golden Voice of Cuba announced that soon she will premiere for the Cuban public the song Somos dos (We are two), a call to love, solidarity and unity, she said. We look forward to the next meeting with this black jewel of Cuban song.

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