martes, 5 de abril de 2011

Festival of Dance in Urban Landscapes

Artists from 13 countries are coming to this capital for the 16th International Festival of Dance in Urban Landscapes April 13 to17.

Our city's streets will host a combination of artistic expressions, with dance as a central theme, inspired by the history, architecture and design of the capital, declared a Cultural World Heritage site by UNESCO.

The Havana venues include Plaza Vieja, Plaza de Armas, Plaza of San Francisco de Asis; Simon Bolivar and Rumiñahui parks; the Benito Juarez and Victor Hugo museums; the streets of Oficios, Amargura, Mercaderes and Obrapia; and other sites linked to the collective imagination and the cultural and spiritual life of the city.

This dance festival has been associated since 1999 with the Dancing Cities network of festivals, created in Barcelona in 1992.

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