sábado, 23 de abril de 2011

Chucho Valdes' Steps Presented in Havana

Cuban world-renowned jazz player and composer Chucho Valdes presente, at Havana’s National Hotel, his latest and multi-award-winning album ‘Chucho’s Steps’.

The musician, accompanied by the members of his band, The Afro-Cuban Messengers, talked about the characteristics of his new album, which was very well received since it was launched in 2010.

Chucho’s Steps was produced by the Colibri recording house of the Cuban Music Institute. It includes eight tracks written by Chucho himself, which impeccably mix up Latin Jazz and Afro-Cuban folklore.

The virtuous Cuban pianist, winner of eight Grammy Awards, pointed out that the making up of this album was very interesting because they incorporated metals, folkloric percussion and vocalists, thus changing the traditional line of Afro-Cuban music.

This album was very well received by the audience and specialized critics. It has won awards in Europe and in the United States, from the Association of Jazz Critics (Chucho’s third CD to receive it), and the 2011 Grammy Award in the category of Best Latin Jazz Album.

Chucho noted that every Cuban art school will have a copy of this CD because it will contribute to the training of new generations of artists.

He announced that, two months from now, he and The Afro-Cuban Messengers will go out on a tour around Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay, and Paraguay, to continue promoting this album.

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