martes, 19 de abril de 2011

The 2011 Casa de las Americas Composition Prize went unawarded by unanimous decision of the jury, which said it analyzed 15 entries that revealed a crisis of that genre in the region.

Bolivian Sergio Prudencio, Costa Rican Alejandro Cardona and Cuban Juan Piñera said their decision was based on what they saw as a lack of ingenuity and creativity, limited aesthetic risk, inconsistent materials, and acritical and passive submission to computer programs used to produce musical scores.

After highlighting the importance of the cultural space the Casa Prize represents for Latin America and the Caribbean, the jury stated, among other things, that it found "a lack of understanding of the meaning and function of musical composition in the Latin American cultural and historical context" in the entries.

They said they also found a "search for aesthetic legitimization through adherence, consciously or naively, to hegemonic models of Western culture."

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