jueves, 10 de febrero de 2011

A Space for Youth in Havana Fair

Cuban youth have their space in the International Book Fair, in the centric Cuba Pavilion, one of the parallel venues of the fair in Havana where the artistic and literary program will take place until February, 27.

There will be several initiatives, one of them is Confluencias "Confluences" that brings together writers from different generations and "it will activate a natural dialogue of continuity and intergenerational rupture, always in the search of a bond."

An exhibition of watercolors of the Cuban anti-terrorist Antonio Guerrero, imprisoned in U.S. jails, will be inaugurated tomorrow, in addition to the book "Había una vez" (Once upon a time), by Gente Nueva editorial, and editor Esteban Llorach.

Voices against terrorism, forum sponsored by the International Poetry Festival of Havana, will bring together voices of poets and environmental activists from different latitudes.

One of the main moments of the Meeting Hall will be the circulation of the books "José Lezama Lima, ese misterio que nos acompaña" and "Así hablaba Lezama" (José Lezama Lima, the Mystery that Accompanies us; Thus Spoke Lezama), to honor the centenary of Paradiso’s author birth.

Besides, films will be screened and the public will have a varied gastronomic and handicrafts offer, while groups as Kelvis Ochoa, Aceituna sin hueso, and young DJs (disc jockeys), including Djoy Wichy D Vedado and Djoy D Cuba will provide entertainment

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