viernes, 4 de febrero de 2011

A Book on Masculinity in Havana Fair

"Macho, varon, masculino" is the title of a new book to be presented at the International Book Fair of Havana, in which its author intends to dismantle old beliefs about this social phenomenon.

Written by Julio Cesar Gonzalez Pages, professor at the University of Havana and general coordinator of the Ibero-American Masculinity Network, the book attempts to discredit the evil of male chauvinism that afflicts the planet, and of which Cuba is not immune.

It also includes topics such as violence, myths about male sexuality, how we educate our sons and daughters, and other realities of men that migrated to the island and the process wherein their masculinity was inserted in Cuban society.

The book of five chapters is published by the Publisher of Women and will be released in Cuba on February 12.

Julio Cesar Gonzalez Pages has authored other books such as "En busca de un espacio: Historia de Mujeres en Cuba" (In Search of Space: History of Women in Cuba), Social Science Publishing, "Emigración de mujeres gallegas a Cuba: Las Hijas de Galicia" (Emigration of Galician women to Cuba: Galicia's daughters", Editorial EcoVigo and articles "El feminismo cubano en el siglo XIX ¿tendencia o movimiento?" (Cuban feminism in the nineteenth century.Trend or movement?)

He has taught courses and lectured at various universities in the world, and has won prizes for his works.

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