miércoles, 2 de febrero de 2011

The Chinese Opera Wu Performed in Havana

For the first time in Cuba, Opera Wu, from the Chinese province of Zhejiang made a unique performance on Sunday at the National Theater of Havana.

Chinese ambassador to Cuba Liu Yuquin took advantage of the opportunity to present Racatan Folkloric Ballet with an award recently won by the Cuban company at a festival of traditional arts held recently in the Asian nation.

With more than 400 years of tradition, Opera Wu dazzled the Cuban spectators particularly with the masks change show in which one of the actors changes his masks in a matter of seconds like a magic trick.

Founded in 1956, The Chinese company has taken its art to several Asian, European and Latin American countries. It boasts the widest range of vocal styles existing in opera houses across the world.

The Cuban audience was also astonished with the nine-part Dragon Dance interpreted by nine dancers who made incredibly fast acrobatic moves.

In the presentation of the Opera, director Chiang Go said he hoped the show increases the Cubans’ knowledge of the Chinese culture and strengthens friendship bonds between the two peoples. He wished Cubans prosperity in the Year of the Rabbit according to the traditional Chinese calendar.

Opera Wu also had street performances in Havana’s China Town last Monday.

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