martes, 8 de febrero de 2011

"The Black Mother of José Martí"

The legendary Hotel Inglaterra in Havana in its space Book of Today, under the leadership of the journalist Matilde Salas Servando, will host the launch of "The Black Mother of José Martí”, written by the historian Josefina Toledo Benedit. This activity integrates the cultural presentations organized by the Hotel Inglaterra because of the XX International Book Fair Cuba 2011.

This book was, winner of July 26 Award in genre of biography, in its prologue, the historian Fernando Martínez Heredia stated that, since the beginning, the book highlights the extensive use and good use of sources in a subject in which they are scarce and no data on more than one issue.

The author offers in six chapters, 150 pages, different facets of a humble black woman’s life, who was a free womb daughter, known as Paulina Pedroso, because of her marriage to Ruperto Pedroso, but her real named was Paulina Hernández Hernández.

Josefina Toledo Benedit is PhD in Historical Sciences, researcher and Professor, writer and poet. She has received awards and mentions in national literary contests and has published books, articles and poems in Cuba and other countries.

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