sábado, 11 de febrero de 2012

Cuban Youth Dedicates Songs to Love

The Cuban youth sang to love during the "All You Need Is Love" concert, which was named after John Lennon''s anthological song and invited everyone to unite in the name of that feeling on Friday.

Several Cuban singer songwriters, led by Raul Torres, made a call to love and friendship in a concert at Havana's Cuba Pavilion that was broadcast live on the Internet and social networks.

The concert belongs to you; you will be the singers, poets, stars, the author of "Candil de Nieve and "Se Fue" told the audience before inviting them to send public messages to their beloved ones.

Inspired lovers sent their phrases of affection and friendship to the stage, while social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube reached beyond Cuban borders to share the songs with people from all over the world.

Several youths interviewed said
that, in addition to enjoying the art of talented musicians, they attended the concert to promote a unifying sentiment among human beings, regardless of their origin, beliefs or political affiliation.

All we need is love,
said a student from the University of Havana, paraphrasing the title of the song, so "love is precisely the best reason to get together at a time when the planet needs it so much".

Before the beginning of the show, some
Twitter posts read Cuban youths celebrate love at #conciertodelamor about to begin, or #conciertodelamor to begin in minutes, as expressions of the expectations on site spread by social networks.

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