miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012

Cuban Musicians Advocate for More Cuban Music

Popular Cuban musicians, like Juan Formell and Jose Luis Cortes, advocated here to defend and resize the dance genres of the island in the face of the avalanche of foreign rhythms alien to the native idiosyncrasy.

Meeting at Havana's Rum Museum for the recent launching of the book The Kings of the Salsa, by Rafael Lam, prominent musicians like Moises Valle (Yumuri), Miguel Angel Rasalp (Lele), Pedro Calvo, and Eliades Ochoa, agreed on the need of promoting Cuban popular music more.

Cortes and a group of young musicians gave a sort of impromptu song recital, followed by the vocal improvisation of some of the meeting's participants.

Two veteran pianists, Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Lazaro Valdes, also performed at the gathering, showing the popular fondness for their music.

It is time to put Cuban music very high, said Lam prior to the concert, and stressed that it was the music which gave the people their identity, unity, and happiness.

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