miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2012

“Calle 13” to Shoot Documentary in Cuba

Puerto Rican Rene Perez, lead singer of the Calle 13 duet, announced they will film a documentary about their experiences in Cuba, led by fellow countrywoman Lidy Paoli Lopez.

Calle 13 is filming a great documentary about their experiences in Cuba, Perez said in his official Twitter account (@ Calle13Oficial).
After recently arriving in New York, the musician considered Havana, along with the U.S. "City of Skyscrappers" and Valparaiso in Chile, as places of preference for anyone to write.
Pérez, also known as "Residente" (Resident), published pictures of his recent stay in the capital, where he attended, along with Eduardo Cabra aka "Visitante" (Visitor), a concert by Cuban singer Silvio Rodriguez at the Fine Arts Museum.
In 2010, in his first visit to the capital, Perez showed his admiration for the Caribbean nation.

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