jueves, 14 de julio de 2011

Raul Torres Pays Homage to Facundo Cabral

Cuban singer songwriter Raul Torres dedicated one of his best-known songs on a concert to Argentinean composer and poet Facundo Cabral, who was murdered
on Saturday in Guatemala.

“To that unforgettable voice I dedicate my song Candil de Nieve,” Torres said on his concert last Sunday.

He added: “Cabral will continue to be an unquestionable referent of the Latin American protest song, a source which we all have to provide from because of his intelligent and profound texts…he is an essential figure within the musical stave of the continent.”

In his over one-hour concert, Torres, who became famous in Cuba in the early 1990s for Candil de Nieve, sang pieces from his most recent record Fenix de Cristal.

He was accompanied on stage by a quartet made up of piano, guitar, bass and drums.
After recording Candil de Nieve, featuring renowned Cuban singer songwriter Pablo Milanes, Torres became one of the most original voices of the Nueva Trova musical movement. His songs have been interpreted by Spanish Ana Belen and Joaquin Sabina, Brazilian Simone and Argentinean Fito Paez.

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