sábado, 2 de julio de 2011

Lizt Alfonso Ballet in Bahrain Summer Festival 2011

The Cuban ballet company Lizt Alfonso will go back to the Middle East, less than one month after performing in Qatar, to participate in the Bahrain Summer Festival in Manama running through July. This time, the company will present “Fuerza y Compás” (Force and Rhythm), a show that has received very good reviews all over the world.

Bahrain is the third country in the region where the Lizt Alfonso Ballet has performed. The other two are Qatar (twice) and Egypt.
In the meantime, Lizt Alfonso dancers (all women) are giving the final touches to their new show which is part of the company’s projects for its 20th anniversary.

“Amigas” (Girl Friends) is the name of Alfonso’s most recent production that is expected to be premiered by the end of this month in Hamburg, Germany.

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