viernes, 18 de marzo de 2011

An amazing Cuban Music Event: Sexto Sentido

Who that has witnessed a performance by Sexto Sentido would say that it isn’t the main vocal quartet in the Island?

I think nobody, unequivocally. Because these great and talented girls; certified by Chucho Valdes as the creators of one of the most important vocal works in Cuba in the last three decades, are going far beyond mere song. They are awesome!

With a stunning stage performance, these four beautiful girls show their versatility not only as singers but as composers of many of their performances, as well as instrumentalists and arrangers of all their work.

The exceptional style which characterizes them, has been leading them to be called by the international press: The Sexy Voices of Cuba.

Since the very moment we identify this different sound we are able to enjoy an unique performance in a feast for senses, especially hearing and sight, thank him endlessly.

Their long and extensive repertoire is rich in variety of genres and forms, so this vocal group goes from the purest cuban or latin jazz to Brazilian bossa nova rhythm, or from the Rithm & Blue to Hip Hop.

But what we most like and prefer by these four original vocals and warm interpretation, is the wide range of pieces of the best forever Cuban music, which recreates their talent.

"These girls take on the Cuban and world music with a new point of view, which converges at times with gospel and blues, making the most exuberant polyphony with their voices."

Not in vain they have received extraordinary praise from composers such as César Portillo de la Luz, Marta Valdés, or the very popular singer / songwriters Silvio Rodriguez and Pablo Milanes, who have emphasized the leading role that the quartet gives to vocal harmonization, with master pitch and amplitude results in the musical phrase, what has allowed them to give us a superior musical product that achieves a deep social and communicative resonance.

Sexto Sentido has been presented in important international stages: France, Mexico, Russia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Chile, the Principle of Monaco ...

They have also shared the stage with jazz greats as Chucho Valdes, with Pablo Milanes, Michel Legrand, Steve Coleman & Five Elements, and that says a lot about the quality and originality of their proposal.

It’s said that it isn’t surprising to find the quartet working on recordings with renowned producer such as Guy Sigsworth and contemporaries such as Norman Cook Fatboy Slim "developing themes for different film projects.

Also highlights the attitude of these young artists the important social role that does this group linked to the national campaign to prevent HIV, and their active participation in the struggle for women sexual rights.

Sexto Sentido gave a sensational evening because of the Press Day to our group and now I decided to do a graphic record to show our thanks and appreciation.

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