miércoles, 30 de junio de 2010

The Revival of a Cuban Dancer Choreography

The National Dance Award and director of the Caribbean Dance Theatre, Eduardo Rivero, announced the revival of his choreography Lambarena, during the Thirty Fiesta del Fuego to begin next Saturday.

The choreography, like other of his creations, mixes religion and popular, sacred and earthy, with the music of Hughes de Coursay y Pierre Akendenqué.

The company will share the stage of Marti Theater with dancers from USA, Curaçao and other countries, as part of the dance program, one of the most attractive of this artistic event.

The founder of Contemporary Dance of Cuba Company and creator of Súlkary referred to the Caribbean mark in his trajectory, which he shows in the work dedicated to reggae and Bob Marley, in which he express the strength, vitality and happiness of men and women who inhabit this land.

The members of the Caribbean Dance Theatre have presented in Montego Bay, Jamaica, with performances that included son, merengue, salsa and a round dancing of salsa as a demonstration of the versatility of its repertoire.

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