martes, 29 de junio de 2010

Egyptian Art Preservation in Havana

A group of Cuban experts showed in
Cairo, Egypt, the work done by the National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba to preserve more than hundred pieces of its Egyptian art collection, mainly from the inexhaustible Pharaonic tim

The National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba specialists Aymee Chicuri Lastra and Niurka Fanego Alfonso, who have devoted their work to collections of Egyptian and Italian art, gave a lecture last week at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo before scholars, diplomats and local public, who were captivated by the zeal with which Cuba, a country with economic limitations, studies and preserves that historical-cultural heritage of mankind.

At the event organized by the Cuban Embassy, the Cervantes Institute of Cairo and Egyptian Museum, Egyptian Ambassador to Havana Abdel Fattah proposed to hold a conference in Havana with scholars and lovers of Egyptian art in Spanish America, an initiative welcomed by Cubans and Egyptians.

We hope it will be held soon.

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