sábado, 26 de junio de 2010

Danny Rivera and his New Album in Cuba

The Puerto Rican singer Danny Rivera launched last Tuesday in the central Cuban city of Santa Clara the new album ‘De un pájaro las dos alas’ (Two Wings of a Bird) by Mario Darias and the group Riendas, which includes musicalized versions of 15 poems by Puerto Rican poet Lola Rodriguez de Tio.

Darias, singer and composer, told that he chose La Caridad theater in Santa Clara to launch the album —produced by Danny Rivera— because Rodriguez de Tio recited her poems there more than a century ago and because she was a friend of Santa Clara’s benefactor Marta Abreu de Estevez, who financed the construction of the theater.

Rivera said it was an honor to sing in the same place where Rodriguez de Tio, who was exiled from Puerto Rico and regarded Cuba as her second homeland, recited her poems.

“Bringing the new generations closer to their history is one of the main purposes of the album because it is essential that they understand the legacy of Latin America’s independence heroes,” he noted.

“Cuba and Puerto Rico come together again through music. Our two islands are linked in spite of our different political realities. That guarantees the success and the transcendence of this work,” he added.

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