jueves, 19 de abril de 2012

Havana Hosts International Dance Festival in Urban Landscapes

A retrospective of the most important pieces by the Chilean choreographer Isabel Bustos opened last Wednesday in Havana the International Dance Festival in Urban Landscapes, an event that livens up Old Havana every year with its passacaglia.

Dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the dance group Retazos, directed by Bustos, the work includes fragments of "My Eyes without Your Eyes", "Fish in the Hands", "Chimeras", "Destinies" and "Just Once".

"Retazos in the Time" reflects the philosophy and the choreographic line of the group; it is a look back to its history; a gift to the public amid the celebrations of its anniversary, the teacher and dancer told us.

Groups from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, Venezuela, Ecuador, Austria, Spain, France, Ireland and Switzerland are participating in the festival.

In addition, dancers from Angola and Canada came, as well as Cuban groups like Danza Contemporanea de Cuba, Flamenca Ecos and Giganteria.

Old Havana: City in Movement consists of a broad program that takes place parallel to exhibitions, workshops for children and young people, as well as projects to teach traditional European dances.

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