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Cuban Premier of "Amigas" at Karl Marx Theater

The new dance musical Amigas by the famous Cuban company Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba was a hit on Sunday, April 8th, during its Cuban premier, featuring Cuban singers Sory, Yaima Saez, Niurka Reyes, and principal dancers Carmen Rosa López, Caludia Valdivia and Ana López .The Cuban premier took place as part of celebrations marking the 20th anniversary of Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba and the show will continue in the Havana theater throughout the entire month of April.
Amigas had its world premier in Hamburg, Germany, in 2011, with a packed house, the Thalia Theater, being totally sold out every night during the ensemble’s 19 performances. The dance musical, or what is being called dansical by some US critics, will also star other singers, some experienced and other young singers, such as Maureen Iznaga and Gretell Barreiro.Amigas features the fiction story of divas Mercedes, Caridad and Regla, members of the former famous trio Amigas, one of the most important such groups in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s in Cuba, which separate without an apparent cause at the top of their successful career. On a TV show called “Music and Stars” the mature and still beautiful women are made to tell the story of how and why they separated when audiences loved them most.
The show includes live music by the company’s band that will play music hits by renowned Cuban composers Juan Formell, Pablo Milanés, César Portillo de la Luz, Amaury Pérez, Giraldo Piloto, Alberto Vera and Osvaldo Farrés, among others. The show is generally directed by Lizt Alfonso; the script was written by Lizt Alfonso and Juan Carlos Coello; it’s musically directed by Efraín Chibás, set designs by Erick Grass and Lizt Alfonso, costume design by Erick Grass, Oscar de la Portilla and Lizt Alfonso and lighting design by Juan Carlos Coello.

The famous Cuban ensemble is made up of 26 ballerinas, 2 male dancers and one guest, six musicians and two guests. Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba has traveled all over the world and excelled on stages in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia,Germany, Belgium, France, Portugal, Canada, Bahrain, Egypt, South Africa and the United States, including Broadway.

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