jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

Strengthening Movie Ties, Cuba and Venezuela

The president of the Villa del Cine Foundation, Venezuelan filmmaker Jose Antonio Varela, said that the movie ties between his country and Cuba are moving forward with several joint projects. Two of them are animated films Caporito, el guardian de la montaña and Samuel H2O, whose set designs, photography and music are performed in the Animation Studios of the Cuban Film Institute.

This is the first experience with animated films in the history of Venezuela, Varela said in a press briefing to mark the opening in Cuba of his first work La Clase (2007). The exchange between both countries grew in recent times also with other co-productions, some successfully released as Boleto al Paraiso, by Gerardo Chijona, Larga Distancia, by Esteban Insausti, and Casa Vieja, by Lester Hamlet.

We maintain a systematic cooperation in the audiovisual field said the filmmaker after, and added that this reciprocity is extended to the distribution and exhibition of films between the two countries.

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