lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

Chamber Music Festival Ends in Cuba

The Leo Brouwer Festival of Chamber Music concluded at the Covarrubias Hall of Havana's Teatro Nacional, with a homage concert to the Nicolas family.

Clara Romero De Nicola (1888-1951), emblematic name of the island's best music star, began her career in the 30s of last decade "to place the guitar as a national instrument," Leo Brouwer stated.

"In a modest but amazing repertoire, this time the guitar played an important role, proving the beauty and strength of its sonority in the hands of Cuban Marco Tamayo and Spanish Anabel Montesinos. They performed "El libro de los signos" (The Book of Signs) along with the Chamber Orchestra of Havana.

Leading for a first time this new group of youth, Brouwer premiered this piece in three movements in this Festival. The work was composed by him in 2003 at the request of Costas Cotsiolis and John Williams.

The "Todo Brouwer" concert also included the performance of flautist Niurka Gonzalez, who as a soloist performed "Balada para flauta y orquesta de cuerdas" (Ballad for flute and strings orchestra) (1963), a work dedicated to composer Felix Guerrero and flautist Roberto Ondina.

As a culmination of the festival, cellist Alejandro Martinez, member of the Chamber Orchestra of Havana, received a recognition due to his talent and professional dedication.

The Leo Brouwer Festival, starting September 30 in four Havana stages, included a theoretical and musical program, where some of the works performed in the five concerts were presented for a first time, as well as paid tribute to outstanding Cuban musicians such as pianist Chucho Valdes and choral director Maria Felicia Perez.

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