sábado, 15 de enero de 2011

Cuban Filmmaker Pineda Barnet Is Shooting His New Movie Verde Verde

Described by the director as a psychological thriller, a very uncommon genre in Cuban movies, the film has a cast that includes actors Héctor Noas and Carlos Miguel Caballero.

Enrique Pineda, who is also the director of the ticket-box hit The Beauty of Alhambra, includes Cuban singer Farah María as a guest artist. She is a former member of the Meme Solis quartet, had a very successful career as a soloist in the 1970’s and 1980’s and in the film she is a classical sex symbol and a seductive lady.

Having absolutely nothing to do with the famous poem Verde que te quiero verde by renowned Spanish poet Federico García Lorca, Pineda Barnet points out that psychological thrillers are nothing new in his career.

He won the Goya Award from the Spanish Movie Academy in 1990 for The Beauty of Alhambra, considered his most famous movie. Pineda Barnet also won the 2006 National Film Prize for the work of his entire life.

Starring Beatriz Valdés, The Beauty of Alhambra was inspired by the testimony-novel Canción de Rachel, written by Miguel Barnet, and still preserves its fascination intact, winning around 25 awards in Cuba and abroad.

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