domingo, 9 de enero de 2011

283rd Anniversary of University of Havana

Teachers and students marked the 283rd anniversary of the founding of the Royal and Pontifical University of Saint Jerome of Havana, current home of higher education in this city.

During the event, teachers and students highlighted the role of the University of Havana in the country's history; especially the strengthening of the student movement with important leaders such as Julio Antonio Mella and José Antonio Echeverría.

Important professors that have taught in this university include Enrique José Varona, Vicentina Antuña, Mirta Aguirre and Hortensia Pichardo.

The city historian Eusebio Leal said the university traces routes, helps meet the need of man's knowledge and wisdom is sought within it.

So we are proud of this campus, of this hill which is to us as the Athens, as the agora, so we are embraced by the outstretched hands of the Alma Mater, he said. In the ceremony held at the College of San Jerome of Havana, 26 professors of higher education received special recognition for their distinguished work and dedication to students' learning.

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