miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2010

Exhibition of Four Decades of Contemporary Cuban Art Opened in Cuba

An exhibition of works by 50 contemporary Cuban painters of the past four decades will be on display in this city, as part of the Ibero-American Culture Fiesta.

The exhibition is made up of 70 works by renowned artists, among them Alfredo Sosabravo, Zaida del Rio, Nelson Dominguez, Belkis Ayon, Flora Fong, Manuel Lopez Oliva, Arturo Montoto, Alicia Leal, Agustin Bejarano and Roberto Diago. It will be exhibited at the Main Hall of the Provincial Center of Art.

The exhibition is part of the collection of the National Council of Plastic Arts. The collection show different techniques like oil on canvas, engraving, serigraphy holography and digital photography.

Another inauguration was opened dedicated to the Bicentennial Independence of several Latin American countries, with paintings and pictures by Cosme Proenza and Liborio Noval, among other artists.

The Ibero-American Culture Fiesta is underway in the eastern city of Holguin, known as the City of Parks, with artistic delegations from 15 European and Latin American countries in attendance.

The event includes a Ibero-American Letters Colloquium, audiovisual exhibitions, literary lectures and street concerts. The closing of the event will take place in Cayo Bariay key on Thursday, on October 28. Cayo Bariay was the site where Christopher Columbus landed on the same day and month of 1492.

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