miércoles, 13 de octubre de 2010

Cuba Premiered Argentinean Documentary on Che

The documentary "Che, A new Man", by Argentinean filmmaker Tristan Bauer was premiered at 330 Cuban films and video halls, presenting a human, live portrait, with new profiles.

In about one and a half hour, the film deals with the life of the guerrilla, his political thinking, his family relations, an his love for literature and arts, based on a comprehensive historic research the director made for 12 years.

"I knew it was a challenge, but I had to try to transmit the concept of a man who studies, immersed in a deep theoretic reflection on a par with action," Bauer told press.

The documentary was co-produced by the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC), the Center on Che Guevara's Studies, Argentina' National Film and Audiovisual Institute, the National University of San Martin, the Spanish Television, and Golem Distribution Label.

It was screened on the occasion of the 43rd death anniversary of Ernesto Guevara in Bolivia.

It is an audiovisual material of incalculable value, a portrait enriched with substantial contributions by the Center bearing his name, and unexposed images granted by ICAIC.

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