sábado, 14 de agosto de 2010

A Cuban Film to Compete in Lima Film Festival

The Cuban film El ojo del canario (Eye of the canary), directed by Fernando Perez, will compete in the 14th International Film Festival in Lima, Peru.

The event features many competing works in the categories of fiction and documentary, from several Latin American countries, according to the event's official web site (www.festivaldelima.com). Dialogues between filmmakers, critics and public, workshops, conferences and books on the cinema will also have space in the festival.

Cuban film,

Argentina competes with the films Carancho, Dos Hermanos, Los Labios and Rompecabezas, while Bolivia will show Zona Sur. From Brazil comes Hotel Atlantico, and Viajo porque necesito, vuelvo porque te amo.

Costa Rica will exhibit Agua Fria de Mar, Mexico is seeking nominations with Alamar, Cronicas Chilangas and Norteado, Nicaragua with the film La Yuma, and Uruguay will exhibit La Casa Muda.

The host country is competing with the films Contracorriente, Octubre, and Paraiso, Chile with Navidad and Colombia with Vuelco del cangrejo and Rabia.

About 12 documentaries also entered the festival, showing the revitalization of a gender that has internationally recognized filmmakers in Latin America.

The event's official jury is made up of Maria Novaro (Mexico); Claudia Llosa (Peru), Jean Pierre Garcia (France), Lucrecia Martel (Argentina) and Rosa Montero (Spain).

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