domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

Again Beatlemania in Havana

The Beatles phenomenon arrived belatedly in our country. Since our early youth we knew that they were against the Viet Nam war; we could understand their beautiful, noble and clear ideas in their songs; and we could realize that they were, in the true sense of the word, peaceful rebels and advocates of peace and justice.

When John Lennon died, a homage was paid to him here too. In various ways we expressed our pain for that irreparable loss.

Today, when we see that there’s a park in Havana with a statue of him and bearing his name, a mixture of bitterness and pain along with a deep feeling of victory invades us. We cannot stop to think of those who are no longer, of those who died without knowing it was recognized that we were right, that we weren't mistaken 'cause we were Beatles fans.

Something we’ll always remember was the moment when Cuban musical composer and performer Leo Brower publically stated that the Beatles had revolutionized the music of the 20th century. But it was still necessary to wait many years to be able to demonstrate our affinity for this great group that has influenced not only the music of Latin America, including Cuba, but has notably influenced very important Cuban musicians.

Now we have an event called “Beatlemanía en La Habana.” In it, to our great satisfaction, several generations come together. Undoubtedly our children and even our grandchildren have grown up humming the songs of the Beatles, and now we are able to attend, hand in hand, to see and enjoy the diverse activities planned.

Once again challenging reality, since it concurred with the holding of the FIFA Soccer World Cup, this event took place at both the Plaza Cultural Center and the John Lennon Park, and concluded the next day at the Maxim Rock Theater in the evening.

There was also a photo exhibition illustrative of their songs, and in which one could also write down their feelings about the work and presence of the Beatles.

At John Lennon Park, the activities among Beatlemaniacs were set to take place at 8.00 p. m.; however, people of all ages began arriving early. Among them were those who pointedly called our attention to the adults of our generation on Harley-Davidsons.

With John Lennon as a witness, Beatlemanía in Havana concluded successfully.

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