sábado, 31 de julio de 2010

A Cuban Amateur Artistic Group on its 15th Tour of Europeateur

The artistic group Maraguán, from the Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz University of Camagüey, is attending the first of the eight international folk events in which it will perform during its 15th tour of Europe.

The group is participating in the Peoples of the World Festival, which will end on Saturday in Caceres, according to information given from that Spanish city by Fernando Medrano, the troupe’s director and choreographer.

Orense, Cieza, Murcia, Villablanca and Lorca are the other cities where they will perform. The Cuban interpreters will also show their art in Madrid, the capital. The tour, which will end on September 20, also includes Portugal, with presentations in Moncao and Viana do Castello.

The program is composed of the works Cubanísimo, Por Los Campos de mi Cuba, Homenaje, Caribe Soy, and Suite Cubana.

The group, mainly made up by students from the University of Camagüey, was founded in 1981 and has won the largest amount of prizes in the history of national festivals of amateur artists of the University Student Federation.

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