martes, 9 de agosto de 2011

Aztra Rock Band to Perform in Cuba

The Ecuadorian Aztra rock band is performing on the stages of this Cuban western province, joining the concerts of the local Medula rock band.

La Sitiera Music Promotion House, located in this western city, is one of the sites chosen for the concerts of the Ecuadorian band, which is also scheduled to perform in San Juan y Martinez municipality, also known as the Mecca of the tobacco.
Aztra, which fuses heavy metal with typical music of the Latin American folklore, is presenting a selection of songs included in its discography, including albums such as Tierra Libre (Free Land), Insurgente (Insurgent), Raices (Roots) and Memoria (Memories). The members of the group, founded in 2001, say that they aspire to promote through music a call to fight in favour of a new world and a fairer society.

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