lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

Museum of Fine Arts Free on May 18

Cuba's National Museum of Fine Arts' director announced that the admission to the institution will be free May 18 to celebrate the International Museum Day.

The visitors to the buildings of Cuban Art and Universal Art on the date aforementioned will be able to enjoy the pieces of art treasured by the center for free and noted that guided visits will not be charged either.

The topic for this year’s International Museum Day is museums and memory. For such reason, the institution will open an exhibition, also on May 18, of photographs, documents, catalogues and other materials making up the history of the Museum since 1970 to the present.

The display will be at the lobby of the Cuban Art building, which houses the most representative works of Cuban art since colonial times to the present.

The materials on the exhibit are patrimony of the Antonio Rodríguez Morey Information Center, where the documentary memory of the institution is preserved.

Founded on February 23, 1913, by presidential decree as National Museum, the center has built its collection from donations made by cultural personalities and friends of Cuba.

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